The Benefits of Train Travel in Europe

Do you plan to travel through Europe sometime in the near (or far) future? If so, you may want to consider Eurail as your primary means of transportation. Some of the many benefits of train travel in Europe include comfortable trains from which you can view the beautiful countryside and historic cities.

train travelEurail is the answer to confusing check-ins at airports or hotels, and trying to reach your destination while sticking to your pre-planned itinerary. Purchasing an Eurail pass allows you to travel through any of the 24 countries in the system including Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Finland and many others. You will not be confined to your seat in just one car of the train. You can enjoy scenery such as Switzerland’s snowy Alps or the verdant rolling hills of Tuscany.

Trains in Europe will include scheduled stops at the heart of every city along the way, allowing you to spend however many nights and days you choose in cities rich with history and culture. If overnight travel is required to span the distance from one city to the next, sleeper trains offer overnight accommodation for sleepy travelers. Naturally, outstanding food and drink is available in the dining car to satisfy the appetite of hungry travelers.

The primary benefit of train travel in Europe is the reduced cost of the entire trip. While short distances on Eurail may not be less expensive than a short flight, purchasing a rail pass in advance can amount to a considerable cost savings for travelers. In addition, a rail pass allows vacationers to change their schedule by staying an extra day or two in any city if they choose, and just board the next train when they want to move on.

Since a rail pass does not reserve space on the Eurail train, there may be times when the cars are crowded. There are multiple types of fare rates available in different countries. Some countries allow a group rate discount for two people traveling together, while other countries require six or more people traveling together for a group discount.

InterRail is a railroad that requires a European residency of at least 6 months before a rail pass can be purchased on their trains. However, they do allow travelers that are not residents to board their trains with a Eurail pass.

Probably the most important advantage of traveling through Europe via train car is the spectacular scenery. The trains travel through areas that would not even be accessible by other means, and although most do not travel at high speed, the slower speed makes viewing the mountain peaks and natural wonders possible.

The trains often stop to allow train travelers to tour medieval towns such as Gruyeres. They can enjoy lunch after touring a cheese factory, local castle and a chocolate factory before boarding the train to continue their journey. The focus of European trains on comfort and efficiency with comfortable sleeper compartments and gourmet cuisine is a wonderfully convenient option for travelers without the worry of checking into a hotel and locating a good restaurant.

How To Plan A Fabulous Trip Around The World

Traveling around the world is the ultimate for any adventurer. It’s also a dream come true for most people, even those who prefer to keep their adrenaline at moderate levels. If such an event is in your future, make the most of it by planning it out so thoroughly as to not miss a bit as you travel, and have a million and one things to look back on and laugh when you return.

round the worldThe Blueprints

Planning a trip around the world really can’t be done quickly, unless you can hire a staff or about a dozen assistants to take care of everything. Sit down with your travel partner(s) and map out your proposed itinerary. Continue to hammer out the details as obstacles present themselves and are promptly removed. Let the ideas fester in your heads and work the fantasy out into a realistic plan.

How To Get Around

Particularly if costs are a concern, why not consider using unconventional methods of travel? For example, you can fly to one country, then take a train to get to the next. You can also rely on ferries, local taxis or drivers for hire and buses that will haul you over to the border with your luggage in tow. Planning this global trip doesn’t necessarily mean airport to airport; you could incorporate a cruise to reach the furthest or most exotic locations. Rent a vehicle somewhere in between and everything is taken care of without going over your budget.

Where To Sleep

Extensive traveling will seem monotonous if you sleep in a similar hotel suite every night. Mix it up a little by experiencing the local flavor with hostels, inns and renting a room from a private home owner. These are all excellent ways to save money and really get into a culture at its most basic level. No worldwide trip will feel complete without meeting and greeting the citizens of each country in person, so bring along a phrase book and be prepared for adventure.

Dining And Dancing

While you may encounter a few McDonald’s throughout foreign countries, you really don’t want to do all your dining there! Look for little out of the way places that give you a true taste of the local cuisine and an experience you simply can’t get anywhere else in the world. Ask service personnel, like taxi drivers and front desk clerks what their personal favorites are in eateries and then be daring enough to try them! Likewise, your entertainment venues should be inclusive of local culture, fashion and music. Immerse yourselves in the whole experience by stopping in at every hot spot on the main boulevards and dancing until dawn.

The Memories

Your trip will probably be a once in a lifetime event, therefore, it’s essential that you capture every moment of it on permanent record. Bring a high-quality digital camera along, as well as good old-fashioned pen and paper. Snap pictures throughout the day, and take out your notebook each night. Make a brief entry about what you did, whom you met, funny happenings and so forth. Between the photographs and your journal entries, you’ll have the memories right at your fingertips, ready to share with others or simply thumb through years later when you want to look back on your amazing adventure.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but a trip around the world is truly a remarkable event. Make sure you leave no stone unturned during the planning stages of your venture, so that you can literally enjoy every minute of it!

Information You Can Use About Hostels In Europe

Hostels in Europe are a great place to stay, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. If you’re trying to learn what to do to find a great one to stay at, you’re going to need to go through the advice here.

hostelFirst of all, the best thing to do when looking for a hostel is to find one that’s cheap enough for you. While most of these types of places are very cheap, from $20 to $40 a night, you may not have all that much and will want to get one that’s a great deal. You can do your research on the options that are out there so you’re able to pick out a place with the right price. Don’t get caught up paying too much since this kind of  place isn’t going to be the nicest you’ve ever been in.

You’re going to be around a lot of people when you stay in these hostels. This means that you’re going to have to be comfortable being around other people. You may not get a room where you’re on your own, so be sure that you’re kind to the roommates you have. You’re not going to want to get into any kind of trouble while you’re there so if you have an issue you need to take care of it. Just go to another one if you have too much of an issue so things don’t go wrong for you.

Official hostels are basically ones that are owned by one place. This means that they’re going to have a few rules, but generally they’re flexible about it. You need to try and get a card for membership at one of these places so that you’re able to get a better deal if you’re going to stay for a long time. You’ll generally have to pay a small price to get this kind of a card for a year. It just makes sense to do this if you’re staying in a hostel for a long time while in Europe.

There are a lot of independent hostels that you can stay at out there that tend to be more lenient towards things. You don’t have to pay a lot and there aren’t as many rules. The problem with this kind of a place is you’re going to be around people that are kind of wild at times due to the lack of rules. However, there are still some hostels that are independent and have a more serious feel to them. The key here is to just go to a few different ones when you’re visiting to see which one is the best for you.

Hopefully now you know enough about hostels in Europe that you will recognize if you want to stay there or not. The key is to make sure you really take the needed time to use the information here. You’ll be glad you did when things work out in your favor.