Locations for Switzerland Tourism

There are beautiful places all around the world to visit, one of them being Switzerland. This fabulous country is known for natural beauty and political neutrality. For those interested in visiting this exotic locale, understanding Switzerland tourism destinations is a must. Because the needs and desires of all tourists are different, it is critical that each region is considered individually.


swizerlandThis lovely region has flavors of the Mediterranean and Italian influences. Palm trees are visible in this land, as are exciting adventures such as white water rafting. The chestnut forests and wooded hills provide a lovely contrast to the lakes in the area. The beaches are pristine and there is a plethora of churches and piazzas for tourists to explore. The romantic region brings together the best of all worlds. Nature and company stand side by side and the rich landscaping and cultural options make it a fabulous selection for family trips as well as those without children.


The Zurich region of the country is one of the most well known. Close to the Alps, it is filled with lakes and rivers that appear similar as they have for a millennium. Not only does it have a host of natural sites to visit, there are also many options for those who prefer a vacation in the city. Nightclubs and bars are present, just as in any modern city. However, the region brags a large selection of museums and galleries. Visitors can select opera, musicals, plays, or an array of other entertainment that is certain to astound.


When it comes to touring Switzerland, the Graubünden region should not be overlooked. With more than 600 lakes and a landscape that includes intense glaciers, forests, and valleys, this region is perfect for those who wish to get in touch with the outdoors. Castles and rocks dot the area while clear blue skies are commonly seen overhead.

Lake Geneva

This part of the country is also referred to as Vaud. Stretching to the peaks of the Alpines, this area also has some amazing vineyards. Unlike some of the other destinations, this area tends to have the smaller towns and farms that many young people seek to find. Castles are throughout the region and the locals are generally multi-generational, providing rich stories about history and wars. Some of the towns still have a medieval feel, even though modern society has touched them.

Lake Lucerne Region

Located at the heart of the country, this region is steeped in history. There are deserted canyons and monasteries that provide fascinating visuals for those paragliding over or walking past. This is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking for a safe adventure that teaches the history of the country.

Because the country has a wide selection of regions, Switzerland tourism has selections for both the adventurers and family vacation planners. There are historical sites throughout the land and entertainment from opera to bars. Those looking for a unique European vacation find pleasure throughout Switzerland.