The Benefits of Train Travel in Europe

Do you plan to travel through Europe sometime in the near (or far) future? If so, you may want to consider Eurail as your primary means of transportation. Some of the many benefits of train travel in Europe include comfortable trains from which you can view the beautiful countryside and historic cities.

train travelEurail is the answer to confusing check-ins at airports or hotels, and trying to reach your destination while sticking to your pre-planned itinerary. Purchasing an Eurail pass allows you to travel through any of the 24 countries in the system including Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Finland and many others. You will not be confined to your seat in just one car of the train. You can enjoy scenery such as Switzerland’s snowy Alps or the verdant rolling hills of Tuscany.

Trains in Europe will include scheduled stops at the heart of every city along the way, allowing you to spend however many nights and days you choose in cities rich with history and culture. If overnight travel is required to span the distance from one city to the next, sleeper trains offer overnight accommodation for sleepy travelers. Naturally, outstanding food and drink is available in the dining car to satisfy the appetite of hungry travelers.

The primary benefit of train travel in Europe is the reduced cost of the entire trip. While short distances on Eurail may not be less expensive than a short flight, purchasing a rail pass in advance can amount to a considerable cost savings for travelers. In addition, a rail pass allows vacationers to change their schedule by staying an extra day or two in any city if they choose, and just board the next train when they want to move on.

Since a rail pass does not reserve space on the Eurail train, there may be times when the cars are crowded. There are multiple types of fare rates available in different countries. Some countries allow a group rate discount for two people traveling together, while other countries require six or more people traveling together for a group discount.

InterRail is a railroad that requires a European residency of at least 6 months before a rail pass can be purchased on their trains. However, they do allow travelers that are not residents to board their trains with a Eurail pass.

Probably the most important advantage of traveling through Europe via train car is the spectacular scenery. The trains travel through areas that would not even be accessible by other means, and although most do not travel at high speed, the slower speed makes viewing the mountain peaks and natural wonders possible.

The trains often stop to allow train travelers to tour medieval towns such as Gruyeres. They can enjoy lunch after touring a cheese factory, local castle and a chocolate factory before boarding the train to continue their journey. The focus of European trains on comfort and efficiency with comfortable sleeper compartments and gourmet cuisine is a wonderfully convenient option for travelers without the worry of checking into a hotel and locating a good restaurant.